Margaret Place is the marriage of futuristic amenities with historic architecture, central location with seclusion, and personal service with uniquely unrestrictive policies. The 1854 greek revival mansion was painstakingly renovated from 2015-2020 to both National Park Service standards and the personal standards of young architect Trenton Gauthier, AIA based on his diverse global study of luxury from 30A to the UAE to Hong Kong. It is a unique passion project now available for you to celebrate yours. The venue is named for Margaret Place Park, directly adjacent and containing the second oldest American statue of a woman. It’s only twelve blocks to the French Quarter and half a block off St. Charles Avenue, but feels like a floating world with privacy, plentiful parking, and late hours available. We’ve optimized for flexible indoor-outdoor events unifying our spacious semi-tropical courtyard with our luxurious interiors. Above, we offer the city’s best bridal suite along with four other unrivaled guest rooms, sleeping a total of fourteen guests. Our ideal couple takes full advantage of the spatial and aesthetic flexibility of the venue and emphasizes food, drink, and music for a party of 80-230. We are almost unique in not restricting your choice of vendors and creative chefs fawn over our professional kitchen. Likewise, we use a calibrated line-array and networked audio system that makes a typical wedding DJ setup look like a pocket radio. Additionally, we’re one of the few venues that can affordably and comfortably host your wedding party over the whole weekend (or week!) and one of our favorite weddings even had the bachelor party the weekend before! To summarize, on their own, our unrestrictive flexibility, unmatched capabilities, or synthesis of historic and contemporary beauty alone would make us a strong contender but taken together, we’re an unrivaled contender for hosting your celebration.

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